The current COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on many small businesses around most communities. Those depending on foot traffic such as gyms, restaurants, hair salons, etc are feeling the uncertainty at this time.

However, savvy marketers are using social media marketing to continue building their brand and communicating with their local customers. Many are running community building and pay-it-forward campaigns that allow customers to purchase gift certificates for use at later dates, offering thank you gift cards to front line workers for their hard work in protecting the people of the community, or highlighting they are offering free deliveries to keep with the isolation protocols.

Here are some top reasons to consider localized social media at this time:

  1. Reach the customers who don’t know your are open

Most consumers think most businesses are closed. You need to reach them in their homes, online and let them know your business is open and how you are operating during this time in a safe manner.

  1. Localize your budget spend

Finely target your ads. Make the ads specific to your customers who are close by and make them aware of your offerings and changed hours of operation.

  1. Provide discounts & deals

During this financially uncertain times let your customers know how they can support your business and in turn how you can save them some money. Whether you are providing free delivery, discounts or promotional gift certificates, let your customer base know your current offers.

  1. Help customers feel at ease to come back once things get back to a new normal

Business will need to respond organically and through paid sources once we get back to our normal routines. You will want to reach out to former customers and keep in touch with new ones and ease them back into new purchasing habits.

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